Wrestler released by WWE teases CM Punk’s return at Survivor Series

CM Punk

Cm Punk

The world of professional wrestling is always full of surprises, and the recent arrival of CM Punk in the WWE did not go unnoticed by the wrestlers. One of the first to express his opinion in a different way was Matt Riddle.

In a tweet addressed to the official WWE account, Riddle wrote:

“Hey @WWE, you think I’m hard to handle, have fun with 0-2 @CMPunk.” The statement not only reveals Riddle’s fearless nature, but also suggests a touch of humor and confidence that there may be drama behind the scenes at the company.

Riddle, who is known for his laid-back style and ability to stay true to himself, seems to think that the company has situations behind the scenes of the former AEW champion’s arrival. The reference to “0-2” can be interpreted in many ways: a friendly challenge or a reminder that, despite the arrival of a legend like Punk, a series of new problems come to him.

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Riddle’s reaction generated a series of responses from fans on social media, some applauding his behavior and others criticizing him for his own actions outside the ring.

CM Punk looks excited after appearing at WWE Survivor Series

CM Punk made his triumphant return to WWE after the WarGames match at the Survivor Series premium live event – ​​to an incredible ovation. Fans are in awe of the whole experience and for good reason.

New pictures after the event show CM Punk leaving the All State Arena in Chicago with his car, where he was visibly happy and even signed some autographs for the fans, while the fans cheered to him.

CM Punk signed a long-term deal with WWE before the Survivor Series premium live event. Needless to say, his return sent shockwaves throughout the professional wrestling world. We’ll see if his WWE career can undo the disaster he caused in AEW.

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