Writer’s strike in Hollywood paralyzes the world of broadcasting


Monday, May 1, 2023 Writers Guild of America (WGA) reported that 11,500 members unanimously approved a labor strike, because they did not reach an economic agreement with the different production companies. It is the first time in 15 years Hollywood is facing such a crisis; and the biggest unknown revolves around the services of streaming.

Why the strike was declared in Hollywood?

According to the official statement of the Union, the main reasons revolve around the salaries of the scriptwriters, compared to the high demand for content that the platforms of streaming they ask, it is not enough to live; in turn, that the contracts are outdated, and “the responses of the studies to our proposals were totally insufficient, given the existential crisis that the scriptwriters are facing,” the document repeats.

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In this way, he declared that all writing in Scripts was stopped immediately, since the working conditions are still not the best; which is considered a betrayal of the writers, as well as a radical devaluation of their work.

It is not the first time this has happened, since at the end of 2007 a strike was triggered for similar reasons, which lasted 100 days with an economic impact of 2 billion dollars; and taking into account the recent economic crisis that Netflix, Disney Plus y HBO Max faced, if the show writers drag on, there will surely be a massive loss of subscribers.

What is the company’s position?

According to various statements, there seems to be a consensus on the part of the producers, who ensure that the current economic crisis also affects them, which is why it was necessary to cut personnel in the production of series and films. This is one of the most criticized points NIGHT since they consider that there are increasingly shorter productions, therefore fewer scriptwriters are hired.

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In this sense, the statement of the spokesperson of these companies has repeated that they want to reach an agreement that favors both parties, although there are some requests that they do not want to comply with, such as hiring more employees without reason. duration of the project.

The situation seems to have a long duration, since the directors of the platform are in streaming They do not seem to be accused of remunerating the work of scriptwriters based on the popularity and demand of the shows they write. Faced with this denial, Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls), declared her support for the movement.

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