X7 2023: Biggest BMW SUV price in Mexico and official launch that comes with new engine with hybrid technology

Last April we met the X7 refurbished for its model year 2023 with new Frontierinterior advanced with updated technology and new engines, Now BMW’s biggest SUV It already has a price in Mexico,

The 2023 model has been given an updated look with the aim of bringing it in line with the 7-series sedan in its new generation. Even then, There’s more to the new X7.

Two versions of the X7 will arrive in Mexico: xDrive40i You M60i, first in a debut a Updated 6-cylinder engine online, while the other is in Primer Motor V8 Completely new from BMW in a long time known internally “S68” and it will be one V8 M Division Suitable.

It should be noted that S68 this is a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 And gets the right technology for motorsports. Thus, the total system power for the BMW X7 with this new V8 is 530 horsepower and 553 pound-feet (750 Nm) torque, with an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds,

Both the motors are paired with another 48V motor for mild hybrid properties (mild hybrid), who helps smooth stop and go technology Automatic, designed for best fuel economy.

BMW X7 2023

BMW claims the 48V motor generates 12 more horsepower and until 147 foot-pounds (200 Nm) of torque.

interior and technology

internal features plush material and lot New Standard FeaturesThat includes more adjustments for the front seats, a panoramic sunroof and four-zone climate control (five zones are an option, with a fifth setting for the rear row).

The main update you will see is Massive new iDrive 8 display, taken directly from the BMW iX. And not only is it a single screen, it’s implemented the same way, with a floating layout, so now hangs on trim wood on board.

BMW X7 2023

The new iDrive screen spans the BMW lineup and includes a . is included 12.3 inch digital board And a 14.9-inch center touch screen, The latter can also be controlled from the iDrive knob on the center console.

As is becoming the de rigueur among luxury vehicles, the feature list of driver assistance The X7 was increased to include a function of Hands free driving for highways.

However, unlike GM’s Super Cruise or Ford’s ActiveGlide, the X7’s system works only at low speedLike in a traffic jam scenario.

BMW X7 2023

price and availability

The BMW X7 is now available in Mexico on the automaker’s page with the following prices: xDrive40i from $1,980,000 pesos and from M60i 2,400,000 pesos.


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