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Xi Jinping ready to counter military coup

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Before discussing what is happening with party leader Xi Jinping, we need to look at a similar situation in the history of China.

On September 13, 1971, a plane crashed in Vendul Khan, Mongolia, killing all nine people on board. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) said that Mao Zedong’s successor Lin Biao, along with his wife and son, were victims of a fatal accident while fleeing the Soviet Union. Soon after, officials further clarified that Lin was planning a military coup to assassinate Chairman Mao.

Lin Biao had a remarkable military career during the wartime and also played an important role as Mao’s right-hand man after the CCP seized power in China. In April 1969, when the CCP’s 9th National Congress adopted a new party constitution, it designated Lin as Mao Zedong’s “intimate companion and successor”.

Hence Lin and his closest followers in the army were dubbed the “counter-revolutionary group”. As a result, thousands of high-ranking military officers were purged. In addition to the trapped subordinates, thousands of military personnel were affected.

attempts to forgive Lynn

Before Xi Jinping took over as the head of the CCP, the party had made some gestures to restore Lin’s reputation. For example, in Chinese war films produced in the 1990s, Lin was portrayed as a military genius. In a revised edition of the Chinese Military Encyclopedia in 2007, Lin was described as “one of China’s 36 Contemporary Military Strategists”. And in March 2008, the official Xinhua News Agency published a commentary stating that Lin’s historical qualities needed to be confirmed.

Lin was in fact the key strategist in many of the CCP’s decisive battles against Japanese troops and the Chinese National Kuomintang Army, and was highly acclaimed for his military brilliance.

party command the gun

However, on 16 September, Qiushi, the CCP’s leading doctrinal journal, published an article condemning Lin for “plotting a military coup” in the 1970s. The article emphasizes that the history of the founding of the CCP is about the “party in command of the gun”. In other words, the party has always controlled the army.

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Although Lin’s main sphere of influence was in the military, the Quishi article states that the reason for the failure of Lin’s coup plot was that, “The entire People’s Liberation Army (PLA) completely listened to the party, and the party’s leadership was determined to be the party’s leader.” Followed the instructions.”

The article also criticized CCP founding member Zhang Guotao for “attempting to use guns to give orders to the party”, and another early CCP leader, Wang Ming, for advocating that every decision be approved by a “United Front”. should be done. When Mao gradually came to power, both Zhang and Wang were purged in the struggle for the CCP’s political ideology.

The article was widely republished by other Chinese state media.

Xi’s warning

US-based current affairs commentator Chen Pokong told The Epoch Times that the Qiushi article appears to suggest a coup is currently being planned in the PLA, and that central authorities have great difficulty controlling the military. The article, when emphasized that it is the party that orders the guns, is intended to warn the military that Xi, who is also the chairman of the military commission, has supreme authority over the PLA.

Chong Sheng (pseudonym), an independent political commentator inside China, shares similar views. Chong told The Epoch Times that Xi has already deposed several communist officials with allegiance to former party secretary Jiang Zemin, and has all these years been against opposing forces within the CCP.

Xi inspected a secret military base in Shaanxi province on 15 September, and the Qiushi article surfaced the next day. This indicates that Xi wants to send a clear message to the military: When he has a final confrontation with the Jiang faction, the military must listen to the central authorities. In other words, the military should listen to Xi’s instructions, Chong said.



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