Xiaomi Boss asks customers, will they buy a phone worth lakhs of rupees?

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Xiaomi is known for bringing affordable and mid-range smartphones and accessories. The company has just launched some of the most expensive smartphones in the market. Xiaomi introduced the Mi10 Ultra smartphone last year, which cost $ 1,000 (approximately Rs. 72,000). Now the company is preparing to bring in more expensive smartphones, from 500 to 1,500. Recently, Xiaomi founder and CEO Li Jun asked customers on China’s social media platform Weibo, “What if Xiaomi brings a high-end mobile phone worth 10,000 yuan (approximately 50 1550 or Rs 1.12 lakh)?”

Consumers want super quality phones at this price
Xiaomi’s CEO also asked customers for suggestions on what the phone should look like and what their expectations are for this phone. On this the users said they want a super quality phone at such a high price. Also, its stock is also adequate so that they can buy it easily. Xiaomi CEO is probably talking about the Mi Mix series smartphones, which are expected to launch this year.

Xiaomi Boss asks customers, will they buy a phone worth lakhs of rupees?

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The phone can be opened and closed like a book
Most reports have it that Xiaomi’s Mi Mix series is not a concept phone like the Mi Mix Alpha smartphone. It has a massive production of the series and is sold commercially. However, more details about the Mi Mix smartphones have not been revealed yet. Some reports suggest that the company will also adopt a foldable design for these smartphones. That is, it can open and close like a phone book. If this happens, it will be Xiaomi’s first foldable smartphone.

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