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Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer The air fryer has made me forget about the oven and microwave thanks to its variety of quick and healthy recipes

Air fryers are becoming more and more common in homes, due to their many advantages, such as ease of use, the economic savings of not using oil, and the ability to be connected to other appliances in the home.

Unlike a conventional oven, these appliances They are able to heat up in just a few minutes., Although they offer similar possibilities, to which is added their great versatility for a variety of dishes.

The success of this new appliance, which began to become popular with the advent of the pandemic, can be seen in the large groups that exist on Facebook about air fryer recipes. Hashtags #airfryer on TikTok, which has been viewed over 2.6 billion times,

Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers that has chosen this type of equipment and in its catalog, it has the Air Fryer. My 3.5 Ltr Smart Air Fryer,

I’ve spent a few minutes with the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 and it pleasantly surprised me: it’s the thinnest foldable that’s passed through my hands, something that aims to become a trend

In my case, it’s the first air fryer I have at home, although I’ve been able to try a few others. it’s all Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer,

The Xiaomi air fryer is no bigger than a microwave and its white color makes it a perfect addition to any kitchen.

When buying kitchen equipment, one of the concerns is usually the space it will occupy. The Xiaomi Air Fryer hardly takes up more space than a microwave, with similar functions, in which it also combines the typical roasting of an oven.

Also, another reason that may or may not lead to a purchase is that the fryer fits in well with the design of the kitchen. For this Xiaomi has chosen A traditional white color It really fits in anywhere in the kitchen and goes with other appliances.

As for its weight, when you pick it up to install it for the first time, you can see that it is not very heavy and it holds on to the gross weight 5.2 kgs,

Xiaomi Mi Smart Fryer 3.5 Ltr.

Lastly, its design is quite minimalistic. Thus, only on/off touch button in front of the wheel The tare in the fryer with simple functions, but it serves its purpose.

You can select preset modes for making french fries, yogurt, dried fruit, chicken wings, or steak, although it also allows for custom options.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Fryer 3.5 Ltr.

Beyond design, the end goal of buying a deep fryer is usually to be able to cook without staining a pan or saucepan and to save some hands-on time in the kitchen. The Xiaomi fryer not only saves time, but is a one-stop solution for creating irresistible dishes.

For this it is most common to test the fryer with the most popular recipes. In my case, although I’ve verified that it’s more than a simple fryer—it can make yogurt, dehydrate fruit, be a microwave and an electric oven—I’ve tried some chicken wings.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Fryer 3.5 Ltr.

Using the main wheel of the fryer, An option with such recipes can be chosen directly, however you will have to manually select the amount that you have given. However, you can also cook both recipes using the manual mode, with which you can adjust the temperature and duration.

Now, if you choose the default option to cook chicken wings or french fries, you won’t even have to worry about watching them. Even then, The same fryer will beep when you need to turn the food Or, simply, has ended.

For the laziest – you can even cook eggs – or those who prefer to program a pampering recipe over low heat and for hours, Xiaomi offers you the ability to control the fryer to connect the home, with its pros and cons. allows.

With the Xiaomi Home application, you can program recipes for up to 24 hours and view suggested meals at a glance, although the Chinese brand is yet to fix the server issue.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Fryer 3.5 Liter In The Xiaomi Home Application.

Currently there can be no smart device without it software To be able to connect to other terminals and facilitate their remote use, or simply, set tasks from the mobile. To do this, in this case we use the application xiaomi home,

You can connect any of the company’s devices to it, although it also allows you to connect other devices that work with Google Assistant or Alexa. Now, the initial configuration can be a headache.

This is because Xiaomi home devices have different servers, which means each one targets a different region. in this case also I have a cleaning robot of the brand and, unfortunately, I could not connect it next to the fryer,

While Fryer’s server was in Singapore, the robot was set up for China. However, Xiaomi could solve this in the coming years, if it really wants to bet on the home segment, at least in Spain.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Fryer 3.5 Ltr.

However, for everything else, Xiaomi Home is an easy-to-use application and, moreover, with which you can get the most out of your dishes. a) yes, You can control the dishes remotely, even when you are away from home,

but you will also have access Recipes suggested by the app itselfWith a great variety with which you will find that the fryer is not just that, but a perfect complement to make more elaborate meals.

In my case, I don’t have an oven and it helped a lot to fill that gap. Also, I have kept the microwave aside while using it, as some foods are easier to reheat here and of course, they cook more evenly.

The 3.5-liter fryer is perfect for single-person households or couples with up to one child and includes a metal rack to facilitate certain foods, such as pizza.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Fryer 3.5 Ltr.

Surely if you are venturing into the new world of air fryers for the first time, you will have questions on how to use them or what can be put in them. The first thing to note is that you do not need to worry, because No more difficult to use than a microwave,

in the tray An indication appears to let you know what the maximum food is What you can pour it—in this case the 3.5-liter—is perfect for single-person households or couples with up to one child. To this it is also added that the heater has a grid so that the food does not touch it directly.

On the other hand, you can choose whether or not to keep the food on the tray itself, which Can be removed for easy cleaning -You must follow the cleaning and care instructions-, or if you prefer to use metal grid which is included.

This is perfect if you want to make pizza or something similar, so that the food is on the aluminum and thus, you get less stains and cook it better. Of course, whatever you do, you will have to clean it like a frying pan or saucepan after each use, but with little effort.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer is a fryer that lets you cook any type of recipe, while saving you electricity and of course money.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Fryer 3.5 Ltr.

This is the first time that I have an air fryer and in that sense Xiaomi is one of the brands that knows best how to connect the whole house. In China, for example, this market is very bleak and the company dominates with hardly any rivals.

In my case as I mentioned above need to use the oven provided —which I don’t have— and microwaveSince it serves both functions perfectly, while adding a yogurt maker or dehydrator, that hasn’t caught my attention personally.

However, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer is a The perfect air fryer for those trying out these appliances for the first timeBecause it doesn’t take up much space, it gives you endless possibilities and, of course, saves power without other equipment.

This fryer is definitely one item I didn’t need until I found this. In addition, for a Really attractive price of 99.99 Euro For everything it has to offer, although as always you can find offers on other pages that are not the official Xiaomi pages.

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