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Xiaomi Smart Band 7, analysis and opinion

Since the launch of the second variant, which many of us started buying through stores in China, Xiaomi activity has been the queen of the bracelet segment. Their Mi Bands were nice, “beautiful”, cheap and above all, functional.

He has encouraged many people to take a step towards a more active life. And gradually they are incorporating more and more connectivity options with our mobiles. In the Mi Band 4 we found a significant jump in the screen, in the Mi Band 5 we had a better design for charging and more connection options with the smartphone and the Mi Band 6 was … well, more conservative.

Now we are on Xiaomi Band 7. let’s go with the review (It’s no longer “My”, though I’m sure many of us have ended up calling it) that This comes as an update, probably too discreet,

Xiaomi Mi Band 7
Shape 46,5 x 20,7 x 12,2 mm
weight 13.5 grams
drum 180mAh | magnetic charge
Panel 1.62″ AMOLED | 490 x 192 pixel resolution | 500 nits brightness | Always-on display system
connectivity bluetooth 5.2
sensor blood oxygen | heart rate measurement | Accelerometer | gyroscope
protection 5 ATM
Supported operating systems and devices Android and iOS
Precio 59.99 euros

Xiaomi Band 7 . section of analysis,

A design that works with large, always-on screens

Xiaomi has been taking the extreme of “if something works, don’t change it” for years. With the Mi Band 3 they included a screen, but it was with the fourth generation when they gave it colors and more functions so that it was a bit closer to the simplest smartwatch.

Since then, we’ve had a little change in the formula, but the design remains: We have a rubber strap on one side and a capsule on the other. We have a slightly bigger screen in this generation Compared to last year’s generation and, frankly, it is appreciated.

We’re not going to be able to do much with it, but the truth is that the change doesn’t sound bad at all and yes, I still like it without giving up on some of the bigger rectangular screens or the one in the Redmi Band Pro. Xiaomi family.

But hey, before I move on to the screen, I’ll end by saying The Band 7 is still a pretty comfortable device on a day-to-day basis, Its low weight and compact format of the capsule allow us to carry it throughout the day without disturbing it.

I didn’t have to take it off to write for hours, sleep didn’t bother me and being able to get it wet means you can wear it while doing the dishes, showering or taking a refreshing shower.

On the back you have the charging pins (as in the previous generation, it is no longer necessary to remove the pads from the belt) and the sensor. And the truth is, if you don’t put the Mi Band 6 next to the Band 7, you’d think they’re exactly the same, but the extra screen is noticeable.

And, as you can imagine, the straps you had from the previous generation are no longer valid. Some rubber straps might work for you, although it would be a bit tight and not very aesthetic, but more rigid straps or metal ones… forget it.

And on the screen is where we have the main innovations, if not the only ones, of this model. I am not going to describe the obvious, because functionally it is very similar to the previous bracelets, in the analysis of which we have expanded on the basis of good, but I am going to comment on the new features.

the main thing is that Tien Modo ‘Always on Display’, This means that when the screen is “turned off” to save power, you will be able to configure the band to always be on.

From what I’ve noticed, the system adapts to the style of the watch face we’ve chosen to display in that ‘always on display’ mode. If you have a digital clock that displays the date, you will be able to see the same on the screen in AOD mode. If you have an analog clock that also shows the battery percentage, that’s the data you’ll see.

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It wakes up correctly, you can choose to keep it on during the day, but not when you sleep, and you can always return to the main screen with the flick of a wrist.

That “Step to Wake Up” Still Works Great And the screen looks great to me, as it is sharp, has a good level of brightness and the protective glass repels water droplets quite well, at least during these first weeks.

Now the price has gone up, but Xiaomi still does not include an automatic brightness system, In my case I have 75% more or less brightness and it looks good in full sunlight, but indoors it is excessive.

I put it that way because it’s a pain to change the settings, screen settings and there, manually, the brightness, and the truth is I don’t understand why being the most expensive Mi Band, we still don’t It’s something so basic.

good measure as long as you wear it correctly

But let’s go inside Band 7. First of all, no, we don’t have GPS or NFC, so don’t expect to be able to go out with your mobile phone and route with accurate positioning or pay comfortably in-store. Considering the price hike, this is something that can no longer be justified.

He said, Come on, what does he have? In this generation we continue to connect devices to the Mi Fit app, which obviously needs changes when we have options like Zepp Life (for Amazfit devices) so that we can fully customize our bracelets to have more options. can be connected in any way.

In this analysis I focused on the original Xiaomi app, as it is the official option, but if you buy it, I suggest you skip Mi Fit and download Zepp Life, In my experience running apps on POCO F4, I have to say that I haven’t had any crashes or synchronization errors.

With the app you’ll be able to make all the bracelet settings, you’ll be able to customize the main screen with various metrics and I love that everything is simple (maybe sometimes too much). By clicking on each tab, you’ll be able to see some of the more complete performance graphs and statistics and, for me, Most important, the PAI meter,

This is a score that Xiaomi gives us by aggregating data from various measurements and the goal is to reach a score of 100 by the end of the week, or as close as possible. I really like it, because it’s a very interesting gamification system that, in the end, encourages us to move more on a day-to-day basis.

But hey, right on the bracelet you’ll also be able to configure all of this, as well as view details of training sessions, their history, weather and weekly forecasts, and all series of data related to your health.

You also have notifications, which still don’t show emoji and you won’t be able to respond, music controls, you can connect it to the camera app to work as a remote shutter and we can see a calendar for the menstrual cycle See also.

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And, in the smartwatch aspect, I like it as a mobile monitorHowever, we still don’t have multitasking. This means that if they send us a message during training, we will not be able to see it. Yes you will be able to control the music, but nothing until you stop training.

This is something we may not see in more expensive watches and, to be honest, I don’t know why it is so complicated to implement, but okay.

If we go to sports practice, We have 120 games from 30 . drove up, I don’t know about it and they fall into many categories. Honestly, I’ve used two variants: general training (for everything) and hiking, with the mobile’s GPS, watch my walk and that the distance covered is correct.

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And here I have two things to say: It’s great behavior at the gym, but if you go for a walk and want a vision of your route, although the steps are accurate compared to other smartwatches, the distance isn’t as long as you Connect the bracelet to the GPS of the mobile.

I think it has to do with the way the software converts steps to meters, which isn’t very accurate, but hey, the solution is simple. In a workout at the gym, the measurement is good for heart rate, although calories… are something else.

With the bracelet properly adjusted, effort peaks are well translated into the heart measurement graph If I compare it with TicWatch 3 Pro Ultra or Apple Watch SE, then… very good. However, it’s the same with calories as with steps when we don’t have GPS, so they’re an inflated number.

I don’t think it matters much, because I give more importance to knowing what pulse phase I’m in than calorie burn because what interests me is whether I’m aerobic or anaerobic, but well, it’s. that’s what i saw and what i had to say

Battery for about a week with everything active

One of the best classes of Xiaomi Mi Band is autonomy, With smaller batteries they achieved figures unattainable for other devices and, although this figure has dwindled with each generation, the truth is that they are still the kind of devices with which you can go on weekend excursions in peace.

If we go to the Xiaomi page, we can see that we have an autonomy of up to 14 days with “normal” use and about 9 days with intensive use. On that page they detail the specifications of each test, but in these weeks of use, I’ve had to load it once every six days.

Continuous heart rate, SpO2 and sleep measurements as well as notifications and always-on display during the day, i have about six days,

It seems like a good amount of autonomy to me that notifications from multiple apps reach my bracelet, that the sensors “eat up” and the always-on-screen mode, albeit a bit, is making a dent even at 180 mAh.

Loading is basically the same as last year, from about two hours to 100% with the magnetic head cable that comes in the box. It’s a very comfortable system because it’s a short cable that you can lay on your bedside table and, if you’re in a hurry, with a few minutes you’re guaranteed at least a day’s use.

Excellent in what is already excellent, but a new generation of truth is needed

In the end, the Band 7 is a good sports bracelet, but just like the Mi Band 5 and Mi Band 6 were.

It has a design that, in my opinion, despite being bigger still works, I really like the quality of its screen An AMOLED Panel That’s Super Sharp And the form factor makes it very comfortable on a day to day basis.

Sports measure I get it right, I like autonomy And I think it’s still a very interesting accessory, whether you sport or not, because there are so many compatible palettes, you can customize the shells with a lot of options and, moreover, even if you don’t like it. Do not buy to do the game, it will encourage you to do so.

Physical activity bracelet with 1.62-inch AMOLED screen, support for 110 sports, VO2 Max, SpO2 recording, sleep monitoring, and 14-day battery.

However, I think The price hike is not justified with the absence of NFC and GPSIn addition to an automatic brightness sensor that is already running.

It’s a good tool, but Now we can say that it is not the queen of quality / priceEspecially with rivals that are better both inside and outside of Xiaomi.

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