xQc tries out FL Studio and shows the first song it produced on stream

xQc has started to learn how to produce electronic music on FL Studio (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch star Felix “xQc” dives into the world of music production as he decided to try out the widely popular digital audio workstation (DAW), known as FL Studio, during his recent livestream.

On July 7, Felix got on a call with Twitch streamers Pokérolls and JCSMFI to learn more about how FL Studio works and gain some knowledge of music theory.

After spending two hours learning and exploring various tools, plug-ins, and interfaces, xQc finally showed off the first song they made live on stream.


xQc develops and produces music using FL Studio

The French-Canadian sensation spiced up his recent livestream as he decided to learn how to make electronic music with the help of his friends.

Felix began experimenting with some basic virtual drum machines after installing and enabling various useful plug-ins for FL Studio. It was clear that the streamer was having fun while learning and making electronic music.

The former Overwatch pro spent a few hours learning his way into a digital audio workstation, and at the nine-hour mark of his stream, he was finally ready to demonstrate the beat he had produced.

Timestamp: 09:07:33

Felix developed a simple 16-bar loop featuring the famous Roland 808 drum machine and added a groovy bass line.

Both Jessie and the Pokérolls were delighted to see what the Dreamer had produced on his first attempt. xQc wanted to add more layers to their production and said:

“Well, yeah. Yeah, but now, I see what you guys showed me. Now we can add a lot more to this. We’ve got to add a trumpet, a cowbell, some vocals, an arpeggio, f* **ing… af***ing, a boom boom, some f***ing… some beats.”

Pokérolls asked if he was a good teacher, and the 26-year-old gamer praised the former for teaching him how to use FL Studio.

After finishing the day’s musical production, Felix said he would continue to learn more about it:

“Yeah, thanks for teaching me, man. Sure, man. I mean, I’d probably prefer it off-stream because I like that, you know? Yeah, just spamming the keys and all the samples and Cleaning all whatever else…”

Pokérolls agreed with the dreamer’s sentiments and was excited to see what kind of music would develop later in the future.

Fans react to Felix producing the music

Fans in the YouTube comment section were excited to see that the Twitch star was trying to learn about the music production. Here are some of the most relevant fan reactions from the YouTube comments section:

Fans are reacting to the streamer learning and making music on the stream (Image via xQc Clips/YouTube)
Fans are reacting to the streamer learning and making music on the stream (Image via xQc Clips/YouTube)

xQc is currently ranked as the number one English speaking Twitch streamer on the livestreaming platform. He has over 10 million followers and has played many games like Overwatch, Elden Ring, Minecraft, Among Us and GTA 5.