Yacyreta, Binational Monument to Corruption

In 40 years, the Yasireta Dam, which Argentina shares with Paraguay, has led to over-pricing, works, tenders, stoppages, over-works, announcements, ribbon cutting, returns, refunds and dues and undue pockets, judgments and more cuts of tape. has become an option.

Water runs, but the situation does not change much with the passage of time.

Hugo Velázquez had to resign as Vice President of Paraguay after being condemned by the United States for “significant corruption”.

Velázquez sees his ambitions to be a presidential candidate in the elections to be held in 2023, thus the shipwreck.

America took away his visa.

A statement signed by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, neither more nor less, warns that he was included in the list of corrupt people in the world.

It is detailed that Velázquez and Carlos Duarte, a close associate and legal adviser to the Yasiretta Binational Entity, had “participated in significant acts of corruption”, such as the bribery of a public official.

The White House explained that Duarte “abused and exploited his powerful and privileged public position within the Yasiretta Binational Entity, thereby threatening the public’s trust in one of Paraguay’s most important economic assets.”

A little history of Yacyretá. Well nothing is good.

In April 1990, Carlos Menem met his colleague Andrés Rodríguez Pedotti in Paraguay.

Upon his return, he uttered a phrase that remained in history: “If there is a monument to corruption here, it is Yasireta.”

Menem had a cat in his bag: the idea of ​​privatization.

For this reason, he proposed to stop for six months, one year with salary payment. In the end, the route to private hands did not prosper.

But the history of Yasireta and corruption did not end here.

It is also mentioned in the copies of the bribe.

In short, Oscar Thomas, the former head of the Yacyreta Binnational Entity, was cited in several notes by driver Oscar Centeno.

This missionary architect may have delivered money in bags to an address in the federal capital, located on Junkle Street.

For this reason, Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio prosecuted him as a member of an illegal union dedicated to the collection of funds from state contractors. Later, the Federal Chamber confirmed his prosecution for the offense of bribery.

Thomas was arrested on 18 September 2018 after absconding for 48 days.

As it was, a reward of 500,000 pesos was offered. When he was caught, he was always unaware of the charges against him.

And, apparently, he denied bribing former officials of the Ministry of Planning under the leadership of Julio de Vido.


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