Yalitza Aparicio laments that her family was kicked out of a restaurant

Yalitza Aparicio laments that her family was kicked out of a restaurant

MEXICO CITY.- Yalitza Aparicio rose to fame after her debut in Rome and an Oscar nomination. Since then she has had many opportunities to collaborate with brands and various film productions, though she has been selective in her projects.

Being a celebrity, Yalitza is very active on her social networks, sharing different looks with which she attends important events, but she also shares her daily life and loves to have fun on TikTok Does

However, this time he used his network to reveal that his parents and sister had been ill-treated at a restaurant, as the staff did not know they were their relatives.

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“I am reporting this situation today so that it does not happen again tomorrow, because we are not the only ones who have gone through this and other deals. But the very fact of being silent is supporting the treatment, the inequalities, the discrimination, from which unfortunately not everyone can defend themselves,” Yalitza began.

The actress reported that it happened on April 26 at the restaurant “Pasillo de Humo”, which specializes in Oaxacan cuisine, in Mexico City.

What happened?

The problem was that his sister, after asking an employee if she could, went to a nearby market to buy flavored water, but when she returned, she was refused re-entry to the restaurant because of the rules. given, which was according to Yalitza. It is not written anywhere.

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“It’s sad to think that despite the time we’re in, we’re still abusing authority, or I don’t know what to name this phenomenon. At any entrance where you can enter There isn’t a sign with this rule and as I mentioned, they were told they could,” he said.

Yalitza asked those in charge to please put up a sign, though she admitted she was upset, mostly with herself that she didn’t warn her family about what might happen.

“Yeah, I got upset and at one point, not with the people who treated my family like that, I got upset with myself for not warning them not to enter with drinks and other things. Whom I already knew about this place.” Many times I’ve gone and in the end they tell me that I would have told them it was me and the treatment would have been different,” he said.

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