Yarmouth County wildfires contained 60 percent; air quality warning removed

It does not appear that wildfires in Yarmouth County, NS have increased significantly in the last 24 hours.

The fire is burning near Horseshoe Lake, where workers have been battling the fire since Monday night.

According to a tweet by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables (DNRR), as of Thursday evening, the fire was nearly 60 percent under control.

While it is still estimated to cover about 3,100 hectares of land, the DNR says the fire did not spread on Thursday.

A water bomber from Newfoundland and Labrador arrived on Tuesday to aid in firefighting efforts.

The DNR says the fire is likely to spread due to dry conditions, but it is not expected to reach homes or communities.

An air quality statement issued by Environment Canada on Tuesday has been withdrawn.

“There is no visible smoke on the satellite today and ventilation is better,” said Kalin Mitchell, chief meteorologist at CTV Atlantic.

While Thursday’s hot, sunny weather and relatively low humidity aren’t ideal for fighting wildfires, lower wind speeds than in previous days may help, Mitchell says.

“Friday’s forecast includes a combination of sun and cloud with southwest wind which will increase to 15 to 20 kmph. Some light drizzle is possible from Friday night through Saturday morning,” Mitchell said.

According to DNR, two helicopters, 40 personnel from across the province and water bombers are working to douse the fire.

DNR first tweeted about the fire at 10:20 pm on Monday. At the time, it was said that the crew were responding to a wildfire about two kilometers west of South Horseshoe Lake, and it was estimated to be about 50 hectares.


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