Yemen. America and Britain attacked western Yemen

 Yemen.  America and Britain attacked western Yemen

Mohammed Abdul Salam, head of the Sana’a negotiating delegation, confirmed that continued US-British aggression against Yemen would serve no purpose, “but would instead increase its dilemmas and problems at the regional level.”

forces of The United States and the United Kingdom attacked the al-Kahtab area in Hodeidah, western Yemen, on two occasions Continuing its aggression against the Arab nation.

correspondent of Al Mayadeen he reported it US-British hostilities target the Red Sea coastal governorate of Hodeidah with 11 strikes And eight bombings targeted the Ras Issa area in the al-Salif district, northwest of the aforementioned city.

loss Aggressive aircraft conducted three raids in different areas From Al-Zaydiyya District and Another four to the east of Saada City In the north of the country.

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In this context, Hussein al-Azzi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Sana’a Government, stressed that Washington and London carried out 300 attacks in Yami.

By the way, He stressed that North American administrations cannot escape punishment and stressed that “all the tragedies and wars launched into the world by the White House were based on lies.”

On the same lines, the head of the Sanaa talks delegation, Muhammad Abdul Salam, confirmed that it will continue American-British aggression against Yemen will not achieve any goal for the attackers,

Regarding Yemeni military capabilities, Abdul Salam He said that they are not easy to destroy, because they were “rebuilt during the difficult war years.”

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