Yerma Lydia. They reveal the video of the singer’s murder at a Suntory restaurant

Some recordings about the murder of the singer yerma lyda inside restaurant suntory, allegedly at the hands of her husband Jesus Hernandez Alcoser The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office disclosed.

In the video aired on Foro TV, it can be seen how two bodyguards of the singer’s husband, identified as Benjamin and Omar, witness the moment of the attack.

The tape shows a driver named Benjamin, dressed in black, leaving the restaurant on Thursday, June 23 at 8:25 p.m. To do so, they are already in private yerma lyda and her husband.


Seconds later, the escort, identified as Omar, enters with a bag over his shoulder, where city officials believe he entered a pistol to give it to Jesus Hernandez Alcosar and could commit a crime.


Then Umar is seen leaving the private restaurant.

A few minutes later, two escorts, Benjamin and Omar, enter the building when three shots are heard.


The local prosecutor’s office admitted that Omar was immediately seen running out of the restaurant with the weapon that was detonated.


It should be noted that the 40-caliber pistol with which the young singer was killed was found in one of her husband’s houses. Well, till there, escort Umar would take her.

For the prosecutor’s office, two of Hernández Alcosar’s bodyguards played a complicated role in the femicide of Yerma Lydia. They also clarify that there is no video of the private place where the singer was murdered as it is a special place in the restaurant.

A Shooter Entered a Private Suntory, Yarma Says in Defense of Lydia’s Husband

ngel Fernando Hernández Guadarrama, the lawyer for Jess Hernández Alcosar, assured that the singer’s husband yerma lyda It was not the one who shot him to kill him, but it was a “shooter” who broke into the private room of the Suntory restaurant located in the Del Valle neighborhood.

“There has been talk of a shooter who is completely unrelated to him, this person is not an extortionist, he has been fully identified. He is also recognized by the witnesses”, he added, adding that this is fully recognized on the video.

With the said video, moreover, the driver of the 79-year-old man and who is in jail, Benjamin’s innocence will be proved.

The lawyer assured in an interview for Ciro Gómez Leva, “There was no shot in the head against Yerma Lydia, Don Jesus didn’t shoot, she is suffering as much as the relative.”

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CDMX Prosecutor’s Office Rejects Defense Doctrine of Jesus Hernandez

After the defense of Jesus Hernández Alcosar assured that it was a “shooter” who entered the private restaurant Suntory that murdered singer Yerma Lida, the Mexico City Attorney General’s office indicated that the man in the video was killed. There is no image. Property.

“No, this is a claim that cannot be seen via any video,” denied Laura Angelina Borbola Moreno, the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office general coordinator of the investigation of gender crimes and attention to victims.


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During an interview with Ciro Gómez Leva on his radio program Por la Manana, the officer said that according to evidence there was no third person at the crime scene.

“We established contact with the people who provided care and service at the restaurant, as well as some of the people who were on the diners’ list, and from the statements of several witnesses we established that two of them (Jesus Hernandez) ) and Yerma Lydia) they were in a specific place in the restaurant, that they were alone, it is not seen in the video that any other person entered as a rescue, ”he explained.

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