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You Are Not a Burden: Phrases That Will Convince You to Seek Help

Are you one of those people who does not hesitate to help others, but who finds it very difficult to ask for themselves? If this is your case, here are a series of lessons that will help you become aware that you too deserve support, understanding and help.

You Are Not A Burden: Phrases That Will Convince You To Seek Help

Last Update: January 22, 2023

We are taught from childhood to be brave. They assure us that there is no need to be afraid of the dark, that strong people don’t cry and that there is no better value than self-reliance. Our society clearly teaches us that asking for help and leaning on the shoulders of others is something undesirable that only the weak do.

The truth is that most of us have a curious cognitive dissonance set up in our brains. It satisfies us to be the savior of others, but it tempts us to demand anything from those around us. We are creatures who see vulnerability as a threat and it consumes us to say out loud that we are wrong, that we need support.

Most human beings are dominated by an independent mindset that leads us to believe that we must act on our own. And it shouldn’t be bad at all. Even thenTo be clear, there are times when life overwhelms us and it is important to know how to say “I’m sick, help me” is an act of responsibility.

We all need to get better at a skill that could save our lives: asking for help.

It is important that children and teens learn as early as possible that asking for help is normal and necessary.

7 Phrases That Will Convince You To Seek Help

There is a revealing aspect that makes us reflect. Many children are afraid to say out loud to their teacher that they do not understand something because they are afraid of being teased by their classmates. If people are afraid to ask for help, it is because long ago we internalize that doing so reflects our inability. Also because it can put us at a disadvantage in front of others.

However, and here comes the biggest irony, A good portion of people find them joy in helping others. That’s what a study from the University of Oxford tells us. Acts of kindness make us feel good. The simple fact of telling someone that we are going through a difficult time and need their support will make them feel useful, satisfied, and even self-satisfying.

The problem is that whoever is going through a difficult time has very biased thoughts in his mind. They believe that there is a high probability that others will reject their request, ridicule their suffering, and be a hindrance. There are many people who feed on the idea that they are a burden and that it is best not to put too much pressure on the immediate environment with their problems.

We need to deactivate those irrational and harmful thoughts. So, if you are currently going through difficulties, sadness and trouble, keep these phrases in mind to ask for help.

One of our biggest concerns is not to burden others with our problems. This thought keeps us isolated until we believe that we are not worthy of anyone’s help.

1. The brave is the one who asks for help, not the one who looks okay

Most societies celebrate the image of independence, determination, and efficiency. They make us believe since childhood that the hero is the one who solves all the problems by himself without any help. Let’s be careful with this idea because it is as false as it is counterproductive.

Brave is one who relies on others, who steps up to ask for what they need and does not hesitate to acknowledge their limitations and problems. Those who accept defeat and seek shelter, affection and guidance from others, there is not even an iota of cowardice in them.

2. You are not a burden, you are loved by someone

When darkness and despair engulf us, it is very difficult to see the light of the “lighthouse people” who are there for us at all times. Because there are, because they are there, beside you, as your partner, your friends, your family. There are many personalities who love you for whom you are not a burden, you love someone and are an essential part of their life.

3. You Can’t Be Alone, Helping Others Will Give You The Strength You Need

It is possible that throughout your life you have become accustomed to solving every problem, worry, and challenge that comes your way. What’s more, it is very likely that you have always been the helping hand for others, the shoulder to cry on, the shoulder to lift everything, and the mind to solve everything. But, who cares for you and protects you?

Integrate this in your heart and mind that now is the time to understand that you cannot handle this alone, The day has come to step up and understand that the strength of others will give you the strength you need. This is one of those phrases that will convince you to seek help.

4. Being vulnerable doesn’t make you wrong, it makes you human

Allowing yourself to accept your vulnerability is a basic survival practice. Dr. Brene Brown, professor and researcher at the University of Houston, reminds us that this dimension facilitates love, belonging, and even courage. We are not invincible beings, we are heroes of impenetrable power.

We are people of flesh and bone, with feelings and needs. Being vulnerable is part of our essence and feeling that way doesn’t make us wrong. But it does facilitate connection with others.

5. It’s normal to feel scared, we all feel it when seeking help

Fear, anxiety, shame, indecision, pain… the act of telling others that we are not well and that we need support fills us with difficult emotions. However, you should know that this is a universal feeling, we’ve all experienced it at some point and feeling it doesn’t make you different or flawed. It is a universal experience.

Accept those feelings and move on. Don’t hesitate to tell someone around you something as simple and truthful as “I’m really scared right now., But I have to tell you that I am wrong and I need your support ». This is one of those phrases that will convince you to seek help.

There are people who love you and are there to help you and become your refuge when the world hurts you.

6. No one will judge you, what you are going to feel is the love of others

Those who love you don’t judge you, those who feel you are a part of themselves won’t criticize you or question your words and needs. that’s why Deactivate the irrational thoughts that feed your indecision and the constant belief that they will not understand you. They will do this because affection is understanding and because for the people who are a part of your life, there is nothing more decisive than to be your ally, your refuge, your unquestioning support.

7. Everything will feel great when you ask for help.

You may find it hard to believe right now. Because when people are suffering, we are discouraged and the sadness overwhelms us, it is very hard to believe that things can be resolved. However, it will happen. The pain you are feeling now is temporary, because nothing is eternal, because when you ask for help, you will feel that a huge burden has been lifted from you., Which now stops you from breathing.

Don’t hesitate, don’t think about it anymore and find the people who are the cornerstone of your day to day. Your loved ones love you and you are important to them and hence, you should not have any more doubts and reluctance. You would give your soul for them, so… why not this time be the one who gets a helping hand when it is needed? It’s time to be brave to stop suffering.

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