You can get reinfected with the omicron type of coronavirus more than once in a few weeks

You can get reinfected with the omicron type of coronavirus more than once in a few weeks

BA.5 version of coronavirus, also known as ommicron, it is already Major tensions in most parts of the world and unlike other types, it can re-infect a patient a few weeks later from the first infection.

Since the start of the pandemic, doctors had verified that those who had tested positive for Covid had a high level of immunity in the last weeks. However, with this version, BA.5 or omicronThe situation has changed because we are seeing cases of people who have been re-infected soon after the illness,

Andrew RobertstonThe Director of Health for the Region of Western Australia explained this in a statement to the British media ‘The Mirror’: “What we are seeing is an increasing number of people who have been infected with BA.2 and then they are infected. Four weeks. So in about six to eight weeks they develop a second infection, and it’s almost certainly BA.4 or BA.5.”

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On the other hand, Professor of Immunology at Imperial College, London, Danny Altman, wrote in ‘The Guardian’ how the Omicron infection was a “poor stretch” of other immunities. “Most people, even when they got the triple vaccine, had neutralizing antibody response twenty times less against Omicron in the face of the initial Wuhan strain,” he noted in his article.

In this Altman also explains that “It is a kind of stealth virus. unnoticedEven if we are omicrons, we are not well protected from further infections.

Earlier this week some British scientists called for the return of self-isolation period 10 days to protect the national health system from a possible new collapse of Covid-19.

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Similarly, a study by a British journal ‘The Lancet’ has confirmed for the first time Absolutely reveal how long we are contagious and that two-thirds of people who contract the virus They are still contagious after five days.


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