Friday, September 29, 2023

“You Have to Talk About Mental Health and Be Emotionally Literate”

Ask.- What is it to be a free spirit?

Answer.- Look at the roots of these two beautiful words: breath, air, growth, freedom, removal of constraints and obligations… A free spirit is one that is able to change and grow without hindrance. It must take a lifetime to be so free!

P.- Do you think so?

R– There is not always a correspondence between what a person wants to be and what he really is. Personally, I find it a constant struggle to listen to the dreamer child inside me.

P.- How do you earn a living?

R.- With a lot of effort and a lot of gratitude. There are two sides to my life: studying and thinking, and then going out to share those important reflections at conferences and in books. More than earning a living, I live it as a business.

P– What would you like to be when you grow up?

R.- Intelligent, useful and happy.

P.- What are you most proud of?

R– To not lose joy, despite the fact that life is difficult and tiring. The toughest battle is against greed, indifference and cynicism. And they, to this day, I keep at bay.

P.- What is love? Do you practice it a lot?

RLove is a conscious decision to make yourself vulnerable and useful to others.

P.- How do you get God’s company?

R– I hope it’s okay. I talk to him honestly and he never contradicts me. Of course I’m a little hard of hearing.

P.- A free spirit I admire.

R.- Anyone because we are all free spirits, talented and admirable. What happens is that some forget it. We are building our own prisons with our fears and prejudices.

P.- What is behind the Punchset?

R.- Everything will happen, but I hope that a good dose of intelligent optimism always stands out.

P.- What is included in emotional intelligence?

R.- It is the ability to understand and manage our emotions. Emotions decide everything in our life. We are not what we think, we are what we feel.

P– What advice would you give me to face my life in a more optimistic way?

ROptimism is a very useful attitude, says science: Optimistic people have more friends, better jobs, better pay or better health. Because just as a pessimist tends to despair and block themselves in the face of problems, an optimist trusts that they can solve challenges, or at least manage them.

P.- Do lectures on emotional intelligence help?

R.- What we don’t talk about doesn’t exist, so hopefully we talk every day, in very diverse forums, about mental health and how to manage the emotions that make life so complicated and make us lose weight. You have to become emotionally literate! That’s why I say “It’s not magic, it’s emotional intelligence.”

P.- Teachers, parents, grandparents, social environment… who shapes the personality of the child?

R.- These factors are fundamental, and of course parents weigh a lot… But the interesting thing here is not who influences who the most, but understanding that it is important for boys and girls That they have harmony among their parents, their teachers and their communities. We certainly know what an emotionally intelligent child needs. Let’s learn it and don’t make them mad.

P.- Is it good to learn to communicate?

R.- This is fundamental. We live in an extraordinary time in which good ideas and proposals can go around the world in seconds. Everyone can contribute and raise their voice.

P– What do you think about the current children’s literature?

R.- I would not dare to give any opinion. I hardly read children’s literature, I missed rice (laughs). You ask me because I wrote Los Atrevidos, a collection of children’s stories, which has been successful. It was somewhat counter-intuitive to write this. They were the kind of stories I told my little ones that made their eyes light up and laugh. I wanted to share them. I’ve also added an emotional management guide for families and schools.

P– What’s left in your bag?

R.- Negative emotions and memories. Instead, there is a dearth of space to cherish and appreciate each moment of laughter, tenderness, learning, and wonder.

P.- Your latest project, when?

R.- While there is life, there is no final project. As my father used to say, don’t stop!

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