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You should avoid these foods if you have diabetes

diabetes is a metabolic disorder It lowers our body’s ability to process blood sugar. In some countries, especially in developed countries, it reaches very high incidence rates: for example, it is estimated that up to 11% of adults in the United States have type I or II diabetes and up to 35% have prediabetes. Is.

fortunately, following a proper diet may help reduce symptoms and the risk of complications, not necessarily giving up too many foods; The key, rather, is to control their proportions.


One of the main energy contributions of the human diet is constituted by carbohydrates, Unfortunately, they are also the group of macronutrients that are the most determinant of blood sugar levels.

If we follow the advice issued by the US government, even all diabetics should get about half of their daily calories from carbohydrates. To maintain the right balance of blood sugar, in addition to trying to eat the same amount at all meals, it can help types of carbohydrates that is consumed

occurs mainly two types of carbohydrates That people with diabetes should avoid as much as possible: Refined foods and sugars.

The former break down during manufacturing processes before we ingest them. Therefore, the body absorbs them and processes very quickly Which causes a sharp rise in blood sugar levels.

Because of this, people with diabetes must seriously limit their consumption of products made specifically for white rice or white flour Which are the main refined carbohydrates.

for his part, sugar They are glucose in itself, so it is not surprising that they cause very sharp peaks of this component in the blood. Plus, sugar is a major contributor to weight gain (a major risk factor in diabetes). Some examples of foods that are very high in sugar include some sauces and condiments, sweeteners and syrups, industrial pastries, alcoholic beverages and pre-made desserts. In fact, many industrial products contain high amounts of sugar, so it’s always a good idea to check the label.

Instead, to meet their daily intake of carbohydrates, people with diabetes (or prediabetes) should choose products such as: Whole grains, fruits and vegetables.


Protein is actually the material from which the human body builds itself. As such, they are a group of macronutrients. essential for life, Fortunately, our bodies break down only a small portion of them into sugars. Restrictions (or rather, limits) in this group respond more to the proportion of other components (carbohydrates and fats) in the food in question.

In general, it is considered healthier to avoid processed meats, which in many cases contain a significant proportion of fat (thereby increasing the risk of weight gain, as we have mentioned as a risk factor in diabetes). Foods such as fried meat, bacon, sausages, sausages, fatty cuts of red meat, poultry skin or fried fish fall into this category.

are opposite Suitable Opt for skinless chicken or turkey, lean cuts of red meat, roasts, fish (especially blue fish, such as tuna, herring, or salmon), shellfish, eggs, plain yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, milk, beans, lentils. Nuts, soy or tofu.


Fat has a bad name, but it is also an essential part of the human diet. Therefore, they should not be neglected and it is important to consume the right amount and type, People with diabetes should also be aware that fat can increase insulin resistance.

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As a result, this demographic is generally advised to avoid it if possible. saturated fats (Butter, lard, palm oil, cream-based sauces, full-fat mayonnaise, chips, baked goods, chips, fast food) y trans (hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils) and substitute instead mono (peanuts, tree nuts, olives, olive oil, avocado, sunflower oil) or polyunsaturated (Bluefish, Flax, Chia, Tofu, Egg)

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