You should receive if a rental contract is terminated without reasonable cause

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Nowadays, more and more people are renting because of the high price and cost of buying a house.

Even if there are subsidies for buying a house in Colombia, the middle class, for example, often does not meet all the requirements and, therefore, cannot easily access purchase opportunities.

According to data from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane) in 2022, 40.2% of the population lives under a rental contract, while 34.9% have their own house that has been completely canceled.

Today, renting a property is regulated in Colombia. For example, in Law 820 of 2003 it is established that the landlord can terminate the contract with the tenant if he does not pay rent or public services, for subletting the property or giving the contract without permission. to the owner.

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Also, due to problems with the community, to make improvements, change or expand the property without permission from the owner of the land, if the owner of the land has to- occupy his own property, if the property is to be destroyed or if the property is sold. .

It should be noted that to terminate this contract, the landlord must give three months’ notice.

Now, if you live in a rental and your landlord terminates the contract before the expiration date and does not notify you within the specified time, and in addition without these conditions which is fulfilled, you must pay three months’ rent.

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