You, Too, Can Dress Like Taylor Swift


I was in middle school at the time of Tumblr’s influence. It was a simpler time, listening to Urban Outfitters records on an Urban Outfitters turntable and aspiring to be the best version of yourself. we LIVES for artsy Instagram posts wearing chevron necklaces, reblogging Baz Luhrmann’s edits The Great Gatsby, and matching Doc Martens hi-low skirt. I still have vivid dreams of black-and-white angsty Tumblr posts captioned with Lorde lyrics.

But, like any social media platform, there are different features of Tumblr. There is the popular aesthetic side, ruled by angst and filters, but there is also a side ruled by fandoms.

Let me get you WAYS back in 2014 when 5 Seconds of Summer opened for the hit boy band, One Direction. Your outfit of choice is Converse (or Keds, thanks Taylor Swift), skinny jeans, and an “I <3 British Boys (and an Irish one!)” shirt. The vibe is an inexplicable mix of bohemian, preppy, and a little grunge. Times may be simpler, but they are not more stylish.

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But like the angsty side of Tumblr, this side is also considered by Urban Outfitters and Free People as their fashion. Almost every part of Tumblr is united in their devotion to these two stores. Urban has band tees and vinyls, Free People has free spirited, whimsical pieces that follow the Lana Del Rey vibe.

And while I’ve grown out of some of these habits (re: hi-low skirts, chevron), some things never change. I still listen to One Direction as my guilty pleasure (I’m not a Louis girl anymore), and I still shop at Free People.

What I love about Free People is that they create a beautiful fashion world of exciting prints, fabrics, and styles. Their clothing is versatile — great for date nights, work days, brunches, going out, and working out. They grew up with me, and their fashion is always right on trend. They also taught me that you shouldn’t put a price on high quality clothing.

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In the world of Girl Math, Free People gets you the best bang for your buck. I still have FP tank tops and jeans from middle school that have years of wear left. Their clothes are even starting to become trends themselves. For example, actress and model Kaia Gerber is truly The Quilted Dolman Jacket in every color. And the Freya Set has been well deceived in the fashion market.

While Free People is iconic for the bohemian in you, it’s also popular because of the number of celebrities who wear it. And it’s not just brand deals. Celebrities, they’re just like us: obsessed with the brand that keeps on giving.

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Taylor Swift In Free People

I went to a Free People event last month where they celebrated their winter boot collaboration with Sorel Footwear. They raved about how much Swift loves Free People, saying that when she goes on vacation, she shops there.

And they’re not lying, thanks to the thousands of Instagram accounts dedicated to what Taylor wears in every public appearance. A ton of her clothes are really affordable Free People options, making her style easy to copy!

Lately, we’ve been seeing more of Taylor as she’s been busy touring the world, dating NFL star Travis Kelce, re-recording her albums, and touring New York with her girl gang This means that we have seen him in his time as a Free People and in all its glory. Here are some of the best FP moments from Taylor herself: