“Yours, Marcelo, I also experienced it with Luca (Tudor): Guarello attacks Bartisciotto again


Juan Cristóbal Guarello sent a new message to Marcelo Bartisciotto.

Last Sunday, within the framework of the debate on the quota of foreigners, which has led to the risk of paralysis of football players, the communicator strongly criticized the former football player’s statements regarding the situation of Arturo Vidal.

In his typical style, the “King” asked that he hoped the activity would not be interrupted “because of nonsense”. Something that Barty defended.

“With regard to the strike and what Arturo Vidal said, they showed me a debate on ESPN where Marcelo Bartisciotto completely defended Arturo Vidal, he meant something else, the ANFP and not the strike,” the striker said. Hour.

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Without any filter, Jesse concluded: “When your son has the same representative as Vidal, the same representative of the Huachipato players, who are all vocal…, I’m sorry, Marcelo Bartisciotto, but the show you Granted that was regrettable.”

And he kept shooting…

This Thursday, in the most recent edition of his program, Guarello launched new darts against the Colo Colo statue.

“I, partner, am not here to have friends, I am not here to be liked, popular or a good person. A friendly journalist is called a public relations person, and so does anyone; We have to say what is uncomfortable,” he explained.

“Do you know what happens? Marcelo, I also experienced you with Luca (Tudor). Too much pressure on the other hand and you end up becoming so conditioned…sorry. And hear what Gamadiel Garcia said about Vidal. It’s so strange that they interpreted everything as the opposite of what you said,” he said.

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