Yuri thanked the gay community for their support


Singer Yuri, once again sold out the National Auditorium and announced that he will return next year with Cristian Castro

Cursed spring has returned to the National Auditorium. Around 8:40 pm on December 8, the Coloso de Reforma received, once again, Yuri accompanied on stage by more than 20 dancers thanks to Euphoria 2.0. Dressed in blue, very intergalactic and with “good night, Auditorium,” the singer began her performance with “This is my child.”

Very talkative, something that has characterized her in her presentations, she stated that it was a privilege to close the year in said venue, in addition, she thanked so many years of loyalty, for that reason, she loved and respected her audience who motivates he to present different and different things, quality, including physical appearance.

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The artist stated that he was looking for Shakira’s phone number so they could be together because before the Colombian released “Music Sessions #53”, “Ya no vivires en mí”, one of his most recorded songs, was sung already to thousands of people, since he released it in 2001, in 2005 he released a remix and in 2017 he recorded it with Carlos Rivera.

When it came time to perform “Espejo,” the native of Veracruz said that it didn’t matter what some people said because he was always grateful to the gay community because they not only supported him in his career, but also made him. Songs are identified, like this one, before they are played on radio stations. He also took the opportunity to say, with a laugh, that this is a song for those who wish they were older, although he prefers them to be younger.

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In the evening, songs such as: “Give me a kiss”, one of his first hits, “Amiga mia”, “Behind my window”, “Aire”, “Invencible”, “This love is not touched” and by Siyempre, “The Damned Spring.”

With a dozen costumes that he wore throughout the night where the stars were glitter and feathers, he announced that on February 21 and 22 he will be at the Auditorium again with Cristian Castro and firmly said that he will not skip. loser because they were only there for 5 months and most likely, “a mess” that day, because it looks like there was a wig competition, of course, he demanded that the speaker be Mexican and not Castro Argentinian.

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At the end of the night, he gave a tribute to the OTI Festival, where he performed for the first time in 1971. In addition, he sang with the mariachis “Costumbres”, “It was a pleasure to meet you” and “Llorar”, to giving way to Latin Pop with which he closed the night.