Zayn Malik: Singer's intimate conversations and photos leaked

Zayn Malik: Singer's intimate conversations and photos leaked

Zayn Malik former member of in the same direction One after another it became a trend on social networks TikToker A series of her conversations with the singer of a sexual nature got leaked.

TikToker identified as Sam Fisher, Claimed that 31-year-old Malik had interacted with him Instagram Last April, Joe gradually became more intimate as they got to know each other better, until he asked her to have sex.

TikToker She assured that the casual relationship with the singer was “probably longer than it should have been”, where they saw each other for a few weeks.

Sam Fisher He says that after a while she insisted on having a threesome, so he asked her to find a bisexual girl who would be willing to participate in his fantasy.

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it is also mentioned zain He asked her not to reveal his name before the three of them met and assured that he wanted to have a threesome exclusively with bisexual girls, because he assured that “he wanted to be with someone who would allow him to Wanted more.”

Although TikToker He assured the singer that the third person would probably not come to the appointment because he did not know who the erotic encounter would be with, so zain He started retracting his words and said that he did not like Sam’s behavior at all.

Eventually they reached an agreement, which was delayed because the third person was on her period, according to Sam, a situation which left Zayn very upset at not being able to fulfill his fantasies, shortly after They eventually managed to eliminate all three until the singer canceled at the last minute.

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Sam says that shortly afterwards the singer came back to look for him to repeat the trio, however, she was too drunk when they were about to do so, so zain He asked her to leave, leaving the young woman feeling “defeated and embarrassed”.

Apart from conversation, TikToker Decided to share a series of photos that Zayn sent her and where he is seen in extremely sensual poses, where he looks at ease with the different hairstyles he has worn in the last year.

So far, Zayn Malik No public comment has been issued regarding the situation. The controversy generated on social networks has generated a wave of conflicting opinions, with some users criticizing the singer’s behavior and others defending him.

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