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Zebra’s striped skin is a natural fly remedy, and science doesn’t know why

Zebras do not suffer from the itching caused by flies sitting on their backs. Do you know that this is the result of the appearance of stripes?

Zebra stripes prevent many insects from landing on their backs. Image: Jio

The evolution of species is not by chance. After all, thousands and thousands of years have allowed new generations to inherit some of the most outstanding solutions of past times. For this reason, we have been able to verify how many animals have adapted to new living conditions by simply adapting their diet or breathing in a different way. it has resulted an adaptation that has been around for a long time And even though we don’t understand it, it keeps happening.

One of the most bizarre cases is that of the zebra. Being one of the most delicious foods for lions, the king of the savannah, continue to enjoy some very eye-catching colors, This species of horse stands out without a doubt for the black and white stripes that run across its body. How camouflaged can it be to avoid being seen by predators? The truth is that this alternation of colors has another unexpected function. The purpose of the striped body arrangement is to repel insects such as flies.

Let’s see, therefore, why the scientific community The reason for this defense mechanism has not been established, what are the keys to understanding the functionality of this drawing to avoid bites and approach insects and, of course, to what extent we are dealing with a completely natural anti-fly. Thanks to this, it has been possible to enjoy the skin of an impala and a comparison between the 2 species of zebra. Does the thickness of the stripes affect the completion of this task?

Zebra’s striped skin deters flies

Nature is sensible and therefore the striped skin of zebras must have had some other advantage. It is true that we are not dealing with a species that is currently on the endangered species list, but the number of specimens has decreased due to climate change. One of the keys to explaining its development is directly related skin’s ability to repel flies, This can be very annoying in the middle of the savannah at high temperatures.

One of the theories that has been proposed over the years is described above. However, he wanted to pursue in-depth studies at Princeton with the aim of revealing the reason for the relationship. It has been possible to verify how true it is that the skin of these animals repels flies. To do this, an impala skin was hung up and compared to see what was the ratio of flies that landed on them, According to Wired, the results were clear.

Still, an alternative study had yet to be done. Could the thickness of the stripes play a role in attracting insects? This may happen There are 2 different skins obtained from 2 species striped. The result demonstrated once again how much of an impact the width of the lines make when it comes to completing their task. This took the debate to the next level. What is the reason that can lead to this result? The study ends by acknowledging the idea of ​​the ‘barber bar’. Have you noticed the classic rising bar found in most barbershops? Optical illusion shows how it seems what is happening there and what is the speed of movement, right?

The same sensation could be seen in the eyes of the flies when they came near the zebra’s body. For this reason, she will instinctively refuse to get any closer. It has been the theory that had the most weight of all others, which was proposed, above all, because previous analysis done About the field of view of these insects.

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