I want a President who does not blame others for his own mistakes

Zedillo: I want a President who does not blame others for his own mistakes

Former President Ernesto Zedillo participated in a development forum in Mexico, organized by the Pearson Institute.

In dialogue with Dr. Viridiana Ríos, the former president talks about poverty, minimum wage, social programs, taxes and his vision of democracy in our country.

Finally, he pointed out the profile he wants for the person who occupies the Presidency of Mexico in the period 2024-2030.

He said he wanted to see someone who would listen to people and recognize the complexity of the problems.

However, he also mentions many characteristics that translate into politics.

He asked that the man don’t take advantage of the politics of the people’s needs with a demagogic speech.

Let him not divide society, let him take full responsibility without blaming others for his own mistakes.

Here is his intervention subtitled.
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Political-academic debate

During the dialogue, Viridiana Ríos told Zedillo that poverty has decreased in the last four years.

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Zedillo responded that “poverty has always been reduced” in the last years of the century.

He questions whether the factors that have been effective in obtaining a better measure of poverty (Coneval) prevail over time; for example, whether remittances will continue to be important to improve the incomes of the poorest families.

Zedillo called for caution about poverty readings and regretted that public institutions that could investigate the issue, such as CIDE, “attacked.”

Viridiana Ríos spoke to him about the low increase in the minimum wage for decades and the change that has been made in recent years, as a factor in the fight against poverty.

Zedillo opened his answer with a joke about the (alleged) superiority of Yale students (like him) to Harvard students (like him).

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I Want A President Who Does Not Blame Others For His Own Mistakes

The former president responded that the majority of the population works in the informal sector of the economy, where minimum wages or social security do not apply.

He talks about a universal health system where the place where the population works is irrelevant.

On another topic, Zedillo said that Mexico has a large area of ​​opportunity to increase taxes, to have enough resources for universal social security.

Ríos said that the population with higher income avoids and avoids more taxes.

At the time, Zedillo defended the increase in VAT (from 10 to 15%) and said that all taxpayers should be treated equally, especially when obeying the law.

Viridiana Ríos mentions Latinobarómetro surveys that confirm that the Mexican population considers their lives longer today in a democracy and they approve the better of the President (AMLO). He asked why there are sectors with these numbers speaking of an attack on democracy in Mexico.

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Zedillo said Ríos misinterpreted the survey. SAYS These same numbers existed in Venezuela around 2006 when Venezuelans thought they were living in a great democracy.

Ernesto Zedillo stated that he did not use the language of “the elites and others,” because he maintained that he was a populist, something he despised.

He said that in fact, Mexico and Latin America are stuck in the path of development and the fact that some people feel good about some actions, promises or propaganda. not suitable for long-term processes.

Viridiana Ríos confirmed that politicians must take seriously the demands of the population, especially in the face of poverty.

He argues that even if one can talk about “contempt for populism”, it should be understood that the population can be lured by promises of change.