Zero homelessness in Quebec: the 2025 target scrapped by Mayor Marchand

Zero homelessness in Quebec: the 2025 target scrapped by Mayor Marchand

Although it still aims for zero homelessness in the territory of Quebec, the Marchand administration is no longer talking about the deadline of 2025 to achieve this ambitious goal.

“We will not end homelessness at the end of the mandate,” admitted the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, Thursday morning, revealing the first Vision of homelessness (2024-2030).

During the 2021 election campaign, Bruno Marchand’s party insisted that it “aims for zero homelessness by 2025”. Six months ago, on May 31, 2023, the municipal councilor Marie-Pierre Boucher vowed that the goal of zero homelessness in 2025 was maintained when he revealed a preliminary version of the document posted online today .

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Possible confusion

Affirming that he “takes responsibility” and acknowledged that “the words may be confusing,” Mayor Marchand mentioned that “in my mind, what I want to say is that we are committed to zero homelessness and let us be on the road. . But I don’t think to say that in four years, we will do something (which has not been done) in 30 years.

According to him, “there is no acceptable threshold for the number of people experiencing homelessness,” Mayor Marchand stated on Thursday. This is why we are determined to continue mobilizing leadership to reverse the upward trend in homelessness, and help end it. ”

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According to the Vision unveiled Thursday, the City of Quebec will allocate an additional $1.5 million for homelessness for a total of more than $4 million. “This is an increase of 135% compared to 2021 ($1.7 million). The amounts will allow the implementation of the various courses of action provided in the plan,” it said.