Entel has started its sales and distribution in Chile

ZTE Redmagic 8S Pro: Entel has started its sales and distribution in Chile

Intel announced this Wednesday the launch and distribution of its new channels ZTE Redmagic 8S Proa high-end smartphone from the Nubia line, which aims to be the most powerful gaming device in the world.

Its launch in Chile by Entel was accompanied by a special event, which took place at Entel’s headquarters on Monday. Various players and media outlets have been able to test equipment under a 5G environment. In addition, a tournament was held Call of Duty: Mobilewhere the winner gets a ZTE Redmagic 8S Pro absolutely free.

Triggers offer ease of movement, where play becomes more versatile and fun. In addition, playing with four fingers gives you more movement. This is a plus, because the most important thing in this type of game is movement and quick focus. I recommend this mobile 100%“, he showed Matias Valderramawinner of the tournament.

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Experience for Entel Gamers

During the event, the telecommunications brand emphasized that the ZTE Redmagic 8S Pro meets a need for the public player, with a high-end device. As detailed, this mobile marks a milestone for the smartphone market in Chile, because, according to studies, four out of ten Chileans consider themselves gamers.

The qualities of this phone are enhanced by the 5G offered by Entel, because when playing online, on external servers and with many people, it provides download speeds ten times faster. This is important when playing and wanting to get ahead or achieve a goal.“, he emphasized Ignacio Reyesdeputy product manager at Entel.

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Entel Has Started Its Sales And Distribution In Chile
ZTE Redmagic 8S Pro

Technical characteristics of ZTE Redmagic 8S Pro

  • Easy identification and fingerprint sensor
  • Silver version 12 Gb RAM + 256 GB ROM
  • Triple camera system: 50MP main, 8MP bokeh lens and 2MP macro lens
  • 6,000 mAh dual-cell battery: 3,000 mAh each
  • Power from dual 1216 + 1115K super linear speakers, with closed box structure
  • The five-layer magnetic speaker ensures audio fidelity
  • Triple microphone system
  • Dynamic RAM memory of 26 GB (16 GB physical + 10 GB virtual in the Aurora version) and 22 GB (12 GB physical + 10 GB virtual in the midnight version)
  • 2,068 mm3 VC cooling plate
  • ICE 12.0 cooling system
  • Improved graphene plate for heat dissipation
  • 20,000 rpm high speed turbo fan, with RGB lighting
  • 960Hz multi-touch sampling rate
  • Double top trigger (L+R) 520 Hz
  • 6.8” AMOLED FHD + (2,480*1,116) 16M color screen
  • Snapdragon 8 Gen 2+ 3.36 Ghz, dedicated chip for gaming: Red Core 2
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The availability and launch of Entel

The device on the market can be found from $990,000 CLP, but due to the Christmas launch offer, at Entel it has a special price of $779,990 CLP.

Users can purchase it on the company’s e-commerce site or at any of its stores across the country. It should be noted that Entel has a Silver version of the smartphone, while WOM has a transparent version.